Holiday Party Menu

Minimum 20 guests buffet style
$3 additional per person plated

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Prime Rib ~$65.00 Per Person

Slow roasted prime cut prepared for rare-med rare center, served on a bed of caramelized onions and au-jus. Served with baked potatoes, seared asparagus spears with hollandaise sauce and French bread crostini’s.

Add Dessert $6.00 per person

Cornish Game Hen &Wild Rice ~$34.00 Per Guest

Half marinated hen grilled and baked until fall off the bone tender, served with wild rice in mushroom sauce, honey glazed carrots, mixed green salad and rolls. Add dessert $6.00 per person

Beef Roast ~$38.00 Per Guest

Braised beef marinated and slow roasted until tender, served in a red wine mushroom gravy. Served with yukon gold mashed potatoes, pan seared green beans, caesar salad and garlic parmesan sourdough rounds.

Add Dessert $6.00 per guest

Traditional Ham Bake ~ $32.00 Per Guest

Melt in your mouth -smoked ham with a citrus honey glaze. Served with Au gratin potato’s, green bean casserole(fresh beans, sliced mushrooms, and onion- tossed in olive oil and seasoning grilled to perfection) winter salad, greens tossed with apple chunks and cranberries, finished with a walnut-raspberry vinegarette.

Add Dessert $6.00 per person

Holiday package includes candlelit themed centerpieces, linens and holiday tree.

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