Your Four-Legged Friends are Welcome Too

Dog Friendly Hotel Oregon Coast

Why should you humans get all the fun? Your dog deserve special treatment too. That's why Driftwood Shores offers a limited number of rooms for dog lovers. Book a nice, comfortable room with an ocean view. Take your dog for a walk on the beach. Let your dog stretch out for a nap in a beam of Pacific sunshine. There is so much for you and your four-legged friends to do. After all, family fun is funner when it's furrier.

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We'd love for you to share some of your furry-friend photos for our Fido Friends of Driftwood Shores album. Message them to us and share a little about your visit!

Past Pet Guests

    • Driftwood Shores Resort

    Baby Sage anxiously awaits her treat from The Market at Driftwood Shores

    • Driftwood Shores Resort

    Meet Zuko. He enjoyed a Driftwood Shores Sunset this weekend.

    • Driftwood Shores Resort

    Juno loves to play ball in the sand.

    • Driftwood Shores Resort

    Troy's doggie, Ruby!